Welcome to Chez Travie!

This will be my home on the internet to share many of my thoughts on food, drink, and to post accounts of my various (sometimes misguided) culinary exploits.  I should warn everyone up front that I have a background in science and find all the chemistry and biology that happens everyday in the kitchen to be fascinating (if too much biology happens in your kitchen, perhaps you shouldn’t tell your dinner guests).  However, I’ll try to restrain the overwhelming impulse to rhapsodize on subjects such as how the intimate dance of gliadins and gultenin in wheat flour allows tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide produced either chemically (e.g. baking powder) or biochemically (i.e. yeast) to be trapped in nascent baked goods, thus creating the final structure of the myriad baked goods we all enjoy.  *Whew*  Glad I got that out of my system….

Until I post my first ‘real’ entry (coming soon, I promise!) check out some of the links in my blogroll (don’t forget to come back here though).  These are some of my favorite (and arguably some of the best) food blogs around.  Carol over at ‘French Laundry at Home’ and the soon to commence ‘Alinea at Home’ has achieved a level of benevolent foodie insanity that I aspire to.  As an avid reader I’ve found her (and the authors of all the other blogs on the list) to be a constant source of entertainment and inspiration.  Hopefully I can add something of value to the amazing dialogue going on.  Until next time….


By the way, what is the verdict on the header graphic??  Beautiful work in progress and symbol of unrealized culinary potential or redolent of gastrointestinal distress due to salmonella poisoning?



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3 responses to “Welcome to Chez Travie!

  1. Christine

    My first thought on the image was, “Ew, that looks underdone.” My other thought was, “I wish that was cooked…I love roasted chicken…I want roasted chicken…maybe I can roast a chicken at home in IL…how are my chickens doing?” I think I vote for a different header graphic. Or at least a picture of a fully cooked chicken.

    I think it is exciting that you’re starting a blog. I’m looking forward to reading it in the future.

  2. Jamie

    I agree…I vote for a new graphic since my first (and, sorry, only) impression was the same as Christine’s. Something cooked please.

    Great blog idea though…my cousin has one and I love reading it. I’ll bookmark yours, as well.

  3. travking

    The graphic has been changed to something equally raw and infinitely more appealing. Thanks for the input!

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